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WiRED Millennial Action Plan

WiRED MAP is led by Blair Williams and Ian Abston, who is a national Millennial thought leader and a community creation expert. Ian’s expertise spans social programming to employee and resident recruitment and retention.

The WiRED MAP is unlike any consulting platform we’ve seen. It’s an acronym, but it stands alone.

Like its namesake, we provide strategic and tactical wayfinding for corporations and municipalities searching for a path to a more engaged and attractive community. We couple our real estate and business acumen with our unparalleled expertise in community engagement to provide 360 degrees of strategy around the built environment and social dynamics.

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valuable resource
for our company

Ian Abston knows better than anyone else exactly what it takes to reach and motivate the Millennial generation. He is a valuable resource for our company and many others withe it comes to attracting, retaining and motivating our key employees.

Richard Meeusen

CEO Badger Meter

thought leader of
the Millennial generation

Abston is a thought leader of the Millennial generation and is truly honed in on the needs, wants and communication style to this demographic which intersects and develops all of us. He's been instrumental in building our regional talent pool through both corporate and civic engagement.

John Utz

Associated Bank

expand our
customer base

Understanding Millennials is the key to developing great strategies to reach them. Over the past year, Ian has used his expertise and understanding to integrate new strategies and overall innovation within our building. This has helped us expand our customer base but also helped us to become a more millennial friendly organization from a work standpoint.

Chris Stegman

President | Journal Sentinel

carried the energy
and optimism

Working with Ian Abston and his professional group attracted the partners and investments we needed to launch a brand new and extended event in downtown, Kenosha’s own Pop Up Beer Garden, on Simmons Island, a great but all if not forgotten beach on a prime piece of Lake Michigan waterfront. Ian and his team also carried the energy and optimism to see the event through to its success. Ian attracted thousands of visitors to the event. Without his connections we would not have succeeded, that I’m sure of, and we are calling Ian back to make next year’s Pop-Up even more successful than its inaugural attempt.

Heather Wessling Grosz

Kenosha Area Business Association